When I started thinking about starting a fitness program, these are the words that came to mind. I strongly believe that these three things must be the ultimate goal. After being in the fitness industry for over 6 years and a dance enthusiast since a very young age, I realized that a lot of people are in need of guidance towards that goal. Throughout the years I have seen people’s lives being completely transformed for the better as a result of a workout routine that they truly enjoy because it resonates with who they are. To find it, you must be on a journey, allowing yourself to try and discover different paths you can take to finally meet the best version of you.

At W. Rhythm Fitness the classes are fresh, innovative, and designed to take one’s fitness journey to the next level. They offer a variety of Barre classes (from beginner to advanced), including YogaBarre, PiYo (fusion of Pilates and Yoga), Piloxing (fusion of standing Pilates, Boxing and aerobics dance), Zumba and Belly Dancing.

Barre is a mix of ballet, pilates and yoga and has been around for a long time. It’s low impact and very effective. Barre workouts are uniquely designed to work every small and large muscle group in your body. Squats, lunges, push ups, planks, intense and deep abdominal work are all part of each and every class. Combine all of this to the science of isometric exercises that will make you feel the burn of each movement. Because heavy weights and high impact exercises are not part of this workout format, everyone can do it. Everything is set to a dynamic, high energy, and most importantly, a fun workout. Results are usually seen in less than 2 months of taking regular barre classes. With these classes, people can significantly improve their overall body strength, especially the core muscles. All levels of fitness and ages are welcome.

My professional background includes an extensive ballet and modern dance background, having studied and practiced since a very young age. I have taught classes in most of the gyms and fitness studios in Litchfield county. Throughout the years I’ve acquired many many certifications including Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer by AFAA, Zumba, PiYo, Turbo Kick, Piloxing and my most recent one as a Barre Fitness Instructor from the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association, level 2. And at the moment, I am also working on my Nutritional Therapy certification from the Nutrional Therapy Institute.

In addition to my classes the studio also offers yoga classes taught Cruz Zoeller and total body strength taught by Stephanie Grusawski.

The studio also offers a 30-Day Whole Food Plan that will help to reset the body in a natural and healthy way delivering long lasting, weight loss results.

If you are a fitness professional, dancer, massage therapist the studio has openings for rental. Since the grand opening in December 2015, the studio has held various workshops: Restorative Yoga, Latin Dance, Journey Dance, Boxing classes and Tai Chi.

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Wanessa Anderson

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Author: Harlem Valley News