Congressman Gibson announces key provisions of defense policy bill

Congressman Gibson announces key provisions of defense policy bill

Washington, Apr 30 – Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19) had multiple provisions that were included in the Fiscal Year 2016 defense policy bill adopted in the early morning hours today by the House Armed Services Committee.

“Congress has the critical responsibility of providing our military with the authorities required to defend our country,” said Congressman Gibson. “As a veteran, my role on the Armed Services Committee is especially important to me, and I am honored and humbled to serve in this capacity in support of our troops and their families. This bill not only funds military operations, it sets critical polices to combat sexual assault, improve protective equipment, and increase contracting opportunities among small businesses.

“I am pleased to announce the Armed Services Committee adopted several provisions I authored, including an amendment I worked on with the folks at the Saratoga War Horse Foundation to aid in the recovery of our wounded warriors,” said Congressman Gibson. “My staff and I deeply appreciate the guidance and advocacy of our veterans and military families throughout this process, and we look forward to continuing our engagement across the House and Senate to see that these initiatives are signed into law.”

Congressman Gibson’s provisions in the 2016 defense policy bill include:

Equine therapy: Requests the Department of Defense submit a report on the effective and prevalent use of equine therapy to treat members of the Armed Forces who suffer from PTSD, psychological, or emotional conditions. This amendment will help strengthen efforts to prevent suicide in veterans and assist returning service members recovering from the effects of war.

Global Response Force: Directs the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to submit a report on the strategic vision and plan for an adequately resourced, trained, equipped, and effective Global Response Force. Congressman Gibson had the privilege of commanding the Global Response Force, our country’s first response to a national emergency. This amendment takes a critical initial step in strengthening this vital asset and improving our national security.

Gender-based violence: Requires the Secretary of Defense to continue implementation of the U.S. Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence Globally and authorizes the Department of Defense to provide training in combating gender-based violence internationally.

Active blast protection system: Successfully included language that enables the Department of Defense to procure new systems to counter improvised explosive devices to protect our servicemen and women in combat.

Ribonucleic acid technology research: Successfully included language supporting research by the Department of Defense and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency into the use of ribonucleic acid (RNA) to combat significant challenges with infectious diseases faced by servicemen and women and veterans. SUNY Albany is at the forefront of this research effort.

Ultra-lightweight camouflage net system: Successfully included language supporting requests by the 82nd Airborne Division and Special Operation Organizations for current and future operational support. These new enhanced woodland nets support New York business and provide a level of protection previously not available.

Author: Harlem Valley News