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Willem C. Salcius, 32, passed away suddenly on September 29th, 2021 in Pawling, NY.  His kind heart, gentleness, and quirky sense of humor will stay with all who knew him.  Will was very smart.  His love of words and his ability to write was evident from an early age as was an amazing ability to draw almost anything he saw.  He read voraciously off and online, following world news and politics and trying to see a path to a better world.  He put his views out on forums for politics and video gaming.  An avid and excellent gamer, he also had a world planned out in his head for a massive game.  He had parts of the storyline ready to go as he told them to us recently and was going to create the storyboards and art for some of the game. He also wanted to help change the world and often talked about the need to broker world peace and cooperation. He hoped to be a part of that somehow.

Will was born in NYC on may 29, 1989 but moved to Pittsburgh soon after.  When he was nine his family moved back to Brooklyn, NY then in 2003 to Pawling where he lived for the past eighteen years.  He loved the woods and the beautiful land around his home.  He loved driving on roads that were sheltered in the green of the woods and flowing water. He loved all kinds of music from classical to rap.  He recently wanted to buy a violin. He could see beauty in things the rest of us missed.

He had good friends in Pawling whom he loved to be with.

He experimented with a few different career paths–culinary arts, game production, and early on was interested in gunsmithing and firearm design.  Most recently he had begun day trading and taught himself the finance and the broad knowledge needed to navigate the market.  He was involved in the Game Stop affair online and was proud of that success.  It seemed he had finally found a path he liked to follow. He spoke of taking courses at the NY Finance Institute so he could develop his expertise in market operations.

Willem is survived by his grieving parents, Colleen, and Almis Peter Salcius, aunts, uncles and cousins. He will be celebrated at a private service on Thursday, October 7th, at the Horn & Thomes, Inc, Funeral Home, Pawling.

We will miss him eternally and are grieved that he could not linger longer on this earth.  We hope his spirit will be with us forever.  Love you forever, Will.   Thank you for your time with us.


“Be cheerful while you are alive.”  — Ptah-Hotep, 24th Century B.C.

“The problem with quotes on the internet is that it is often difficult to
verify their authenticity.” –Abraham Lincoln