Marbletown’s CLEAN POWER EXPO on Sunday, June 23rd Brings Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Experts, Affordability to Residents, Businesses

Tim Guinee of Climate Reality Project to Kick Off Event at 12:15

What: Tim Guinee, Marbletown resident and Climate Reality Project leader, will kick off an action-packed Clean Power Expo in Marbletown on Sunday 12 – 3 PM, bridging the big picture of climate with local community access to practical, affordable clean energy. The event features eight brief workshops, a unique chance to save money by participating in a solar buying club, and the opportunity to test-drive an electric vehicle (EV). It showcases solar power, EVs, heat pumps, radiant heat, and energy efficiency retrofits. Experts will be on hand, happy to answer questions, amidst healthy local free food in a family-friendly atmosphere.

When: Sunday, June 23d from 12 – 3 PM. Workshops between 12:15 and 2:45 PM.

Where: Marbletown Community Center, 3564 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY 12484.

Who: Three panels will feature multiple speakers able to describe their own experience with energy retrofits, EVs, and solar installations. Interspersed are expert speakers (see schedule). Tabling includes solar companies, heat pump contractors for renewable heating and cooling; dealerships showcasing EVs and charging. Host organizations: Sustainable Hudson Valley, the Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission, and New Yorkers for Clean Power.

Why: This is the ideal time to implement clean energy solutions in homes and businesses. Going solar, driving an EV, installing a heat pump or increasing energy efficiency makes one’s surroundings more comfortable and healthy, saves money, and helps protect the planet.

Marbletown is a leading community in the movement to shift to 100% renewable energy. The Marbletown ECC is completing a strategy for that transition with assistance from Sustainable Hudson Valley. Marbletown has already taken an unusually wide range of initiatives:

  • Adopting Community Choice Aggregation which switches most Marbletown residents and small businesses to renewable electricity at a lower price than they currently pay.
  • Reducing Marbletown’s energy use by reducing streetlights and converting streetlights to LED, and by retrofitting Town government buildings.
  • Promoting solar, energy efficiency, and renewable heating and cooling to Town residents.

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