Women: Will Never Be Equals in this America!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New York’s laws regarding women’s reproductive rights and contraception are being held hostage by a reactionary Republican-controlled State Senate.  Some of these legislators who swear to uphold the Constitution are quick to use their personal religious beliefs for holding women back.  Now the federal government seeks to deprive women of access to health clinics by undermining Title X legislation, making New York’s archaic laws more dangerous.

Women cannot be equals in our society in business, politics or in the home if they do not have control over their own bodies.  We can talk about equal pay, we can talk about equal opportunity, but if you cannot control your reproductive rights, you are not equal.

As long as Trump’s policies push Washington to limit a women’s rights, and as long as New York’s Trump-like State Senate Republicans hold on to the levers of power, women will remain second-class citizens.  The New York State Assembly has passed legislation on reproductive health and contraception.  The Senate needs to pass this legislation now!

We can make a change this November and make every American equal.  The DC Gag-rule is not OK in Washington or New York.  It’s time we put people first.

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