***Press Release***

Trailblazers PAC Hosts Second Performance of “Front Porch Politics: A Musical Entertainment”

The production is directed by Rachel Lampert

GENEVA, N.Y. – Singing, dancing, and politics were on the menu at Geneva’s Club 86 yesterday in the dinner-theater production of “Front Porch Politics: A Musical Entertainment” on Tuesday, April 17. The first performance was in Ithaca in January.
 Written and directed by Rachel Lampert, the humor-filled show tells the story of Trailblazers PAC’s mission to support candidates for local office who take a stand for clean government through Broadway showtunes. The event was a fundraiser for candidates for local office who stand for clean government and are supported by Trailblazers PAC.
 “Rachel and the talented cast and crew did a fantastic job conveying Trailblazers PAC’s mission of making voter voices the loudest in the room, in a unique and memorable way,” said Leslie Danks Burke, president and founder of Trailblazers PAC. “All politics are local, and government works best when leaders engage and work with the community they serve. Just like in good theater, when everyone brings their talents and dedication to the table, our local government works better.”
 “I am honored to work with Trailblazers PAC on this mini-musical. This is the second performance for this talented cast and crew who all share my belief in Trailblazers PAC’s mission, and I am very proud of the hard work they put in to bring the mission to life on stage. This show is a great way to share the important work of this organization, and there’s plenty of drama in politics to make a fun musical. It was a great challenge to combine theater and politics,” said Rachel Lampert, the show’s writer and director.
 Hosted by Trailblazers PAC and co-hosted by Doug and Susan Avery, Phoebe and Vaughn Baker, Jo Beth Mertens and Alejandra Malino, “Front Porch Politics: A Musical Entertainment” is about the workings of Trailblazers PAC and its mission to create more honest government and campaign finance practices. It featured seven musical numbers directed by Travis Knapp and performed by Eric Brooks, Benno Ressa, Natasha Bratkovski, Sarah Welden, Michael Cyr, Robbert van Renesse, Lesley Greene, and Stephen Nunley. Ellen Jackson was the all singing, all dancing Leslie Danks Burke.