Dear Friends,

First off, I am pleased to announce I have been endorsed by the Cortlandt, Mount Pleasant, New Castle, and Pound Ridge Democratic committees, as well as by Up2Us and Briarcliff Ossining Indivisible. Having their support is an honor, and I look forward to working with them to flip District 40 Blue. Please stay tuned for more endorsements as they come in.
Last night we held our sixth Town Hall in Brewster on Opioids, Addiction and Mental Health. We had a thoughtful conversation on a topic that touches all our communities.

Last night’s Town Hall in Brewster on Opioids, Addiction, and Mental Health

New York will spend over $200 million in the 2018-2019 budget on this crisis, money that is needed. However, it is also an indication that the problem has continued to grow and that the existing policies and actions have not been successful. This week’s blog addresses this concern. You can read the blog here.
This past week I met with 435 candidates from across the nation in Washington, DC. We discussed issues while working in the shadow of the White House and its never-ending crises and scandals. We met with members of the U.S. House and Senate and other policy leaders on a wide array of issues including a woman’s right to choose, the environment, economic justice, prison reform, infrastructure, healthcare and a great many others.
What became clear is that no matter where you are in the United States, we all face very similar concerns. One person after the next talked about their city, state or town being overwhelmed by addiction and the opioid crisis. This is as true of inner cities as it is of rural communities, neighborhoods of color and regions of predominately white residents, poor and middle class. This insidious disease doesn’t discriminate.
Looking ahead to next week, on Wednesday, April 25th we will hold our seventh Town Hall in Pleasantville on Education, Funding & Tax Reform. I hope you can join us!
Needless to say, for us to keep up this pace and run a credible campaign against a well-financed opponent, your contributions are essential. We need you and your support. Please make your contribution today and consider signing up to volunteer for the campaign in your community. In the next few weeks we will start knocking on every door in the district, introducing the campaign. We need your help reaching out to neighbors, friends and family…who better than you to help us make new friends and meet our future voters across District 40.
Thank you for all you are doing. Please be sure to like us on Facebook, spend time on our website, and share your thoughts. Always remember, this is your campaign too.