Comptroller A. Gregg Pulver Releases First Audit of Tenure

Comptroller A. Gregg Pulver Releases First Audit of Tenure

Dutchess County Comptroller Gregg Pulver has released the first audit of 2024 for Dutchess Tourism, Inc. (DTI) for the calendar years 2018-2022. Dutchess Tourism, Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing destination marketing for Dutchess County, NY which generates tourism dollars for the area.

“I thank the entire team here at the Dutchess County Comptroller’s Office for their work in conducting a fair and honest audit of Dutchess Tourism, Inc.,” said Comptroller Gregg Pulver“These dedicated professionals are fiscal stewards for our County’s taxpayers, and I am incredibly appreciative of their efforts. I look forward to continuing to ensure our tax dollars are spent in an appropriate and responsible way over the coming year.”

DTI is funded by both Dutchess County and the NYS Department of Economic Development. Between 2018-2022, the average amount of funding provided by Dutchess County was 63%. In 2022, 68% of DTI’s revenue was funded through Dutchess County, totaling $1,930,295.

The Office’s objective for the audit was to provide an overview of funded services for 2018-2022, including a review of County contracts to confirm adherence to contractual provisions, as well as internal controls for the accounting of funds by DTI staff and County departments. The Comptroller’s Office found minor areas for improvement, but no major discrepancies were noted for the audit period. A total of $2,191 was returned to the County as a result of this audit.

The DTI audit can be found here (.pdf).

Author: Harlem Valley News