To the incredible people of Pawling,

To the incredible people of Pawling,
Mia and I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity, kindness, and support when George passed.  It was such a shock and we are both still trying to wrap our minds around this untimely and very tragic event.
Each and every one of you played a role in helping us walk through this horrific misfortune.  Even after things settled down, many of you checked in with us, offered to help us if needed, sent food, called to make sure we were alright, sent cards, and also allowed us time to grieve.  All of these gestures did not go unnoticed.  Additionally, the Go Fund Me account that was set up by The Dancing Bear Cafe was a magnanimous gesture and deeply appreciated.
The outpouring of love for George was astonishing and reinforces for us the impact he made on many people’s lives.  His friends went above and beyond to personally help me move furniture, do yard work, and early on to set up a candle vigil to honor George.  All of these selfless acts were so appreciated.  The high school, teachers/administrators, coaches, the Pawling Baseball Team, shop owners, restaurants, gas stations, places where George was employed, (Quick Stop, The Dancing Bear Café, Tacos and Cones, Eastern Hay and Grain,) parents, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances were an integral part of carrying us through this very difficult time.  And, although, the heartbreak of losing George will never go away, we will learn to live without him and honor his memory.
Thank you again for all of your kindheartedness and condolences.  Both Mia and I will never forget the community of Pawling no matter where we are and it will always be in our thoughts.
With sincere appreciation,
Jerry and Mia Guerro

Author: Harlem Valley News