Dutchess County Invites Developers to Submit Concepts for Potential Redevelopment of County Property on Main Street in Beacon

Dutchess County Invites Developers to Submit
Concepts for Potential Redevelopment
of County Property on Main Street in Beacon

Dutchess County, in conjunction with the City of Beacon, is seeking proposals to determine the viability of potential redevelopment of a portion of the County-owned property at 223 Main Street in Beacon. In a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) released today, the County has outlined multi-faceted goals for the property, with a primary goal being the creation of affordable housing units. The redevelopment of this Main Street-fronting parking lot has been a goal in the City of Beacon’s Comprehensive Plans.

The RFEOI outlines the County’s goals for potential projects as follows:

a. Redevelopment of a portion of the site with a building or buildings featuring affordable housing units with ground-floor commercial along the Main Street frontage.
b. Providing adequate parking for the existing County office building, new tenants, and public use.
c. Maintaining and highlighting the successful Beacon Farmer’s Market.
d. Incorporation of a pocket park or other public green space along the Main Street frontage.

Dutchess County Executive William F.X. O’Neil said, “Dutchess County is committed to addressing the gaps in housing access that our 2022 Housing Needs Assessment highlighted, so we are excited about the possibilities for this property’s potential redevelopment and how we can further our goals of creating greater housing accessibility. We are pleased to work with the City of Beacon, where they have been a leader in identifying solutions to make affordable housing a reality.”

The RFEOI emphasizes the County’s strong preference for maximum feasible number of below-market rate housing units, and encourages a range of affordability levels, including units for those whose income is 30% of Area Medium Income (AMI). A range of unit sizes is also encouraged, including possible micro-apartments and 3-bedroom units. High-quality architecture and landscape design is required. Green building practices are strongly encouraged.

Looking at the Beacon property for potential affordable housing is part of Dutchess County’s wide-ranging effort to address the housing access gaps identified in the County’s 2022 Housing Needs Assessment. That effort is led by the Dutchess County Housing Trust Fund, which earlier this year awarded nearly $9 million to six affordable rental housing projects throughout the County. Evaluation of publicly owned properties, like 223 Main Street, for redevelopment opportunities is another potential avenue for increasing the affordable housing supply.

City of Beacon Mayor Lee Kyriacou said, “We applaud the County for being open to new opportunities for this Main Street property, and we look forward to working together for its potential redevelopment. Repurposing a public parking lot to both improve Main Street and create much-needed affordable housing could serve as a model and catalyst for other municipalities across New York.”

Dutchess County Government currently has several departments and agencies located at 223 Main Street in Beacon, including the County Clerk’s Department of Motor Vehicles office, Health offices and more, which will remain on-site and the proposals must take those needs into consideration.

Developer proposals must be submitted by November 30, 2023. All proposals will be reviewed and the County will make a determination of whether or not to proceed with redevelopment at the site. If redevelopment is viable, the County will then develop and publicly issue a formal Request for Bids.

RFEOI materials and response instructions can be found online through Dutchess County’s Bid Opportunities listings.

Author: Harlem Valley News