Dutchess Drowning Prevention Seminars for Lifeguards

DCDOH 2015 Drowning Prevention Schedule

The Dutchess County Department of Health released its 2015 Drowning Prevention Seminars for Lifeguards schedule today. This year, the Department will be offering seminars throughout the county at various morning, afternoon, and early evening hours.

“The demand for these trainings has increased,” said Commissioner of Health Kari Reiber, MD. “I am pleased that local lifeguards and many of our residents are taking the time to attend and walk away with lifesaving information on how to keep their own private and community pools safer for all to enjoy.”

These seminars are open to all lifeguards. Members of the general public interested in drowning prevention are also welcome to attend, particularly if they swim at a facility, such as a homeowner’s association pool, that is not required to have a lifeguard. All participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate documenting their attendance.

For more than 20 years, the Department of Health has conducted Drowning Prevention Seminars for Lifeguards and residents. The purpose of these presentations is to raise attendees’ awareness of what a swimmer in the process of drowning looks like.

“People often think that drowning victims make a lot of noise or commotion when in distress,” said Commissioner Reiber. “Drowning occurs silently and quickly, with the swimmer unable to call for help due to their lungs filling with water. While pools and lakes may not be open for the season yet, now is the perfect time to learn how to recognize the signs of drowning or swimmer distress.”

Dr. Reiber noted the presentation will offer guidance for supervising swimmers, how to identify swimmers in distress, an informative video on drowning victim recognition and a time to discuss lifeguard duties and responsibilities as they relate to Department of Health regulations.

Seating for the seminars is limited. To make a reservation, please contact the Department of Health, Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, at (845) 486-3404 or you may send an e-mail to HealthInfo@DutchessNY.gov. Facilities interested in setting up a training session for lifeguards or members of a homeowner’s association may also contact the Department.

The Department of Health kindly asks that requests for information be directed only to the Department and not the seminar sites.

The schedule may also be found in the Department of Health’s Online Calendar (List View) or visit www.DutchessNY.gov and select the calendar icon. Please check back often as additional dates may have been added or locations/times changed after publication.

Author: Harlem Valley News