SUNY New Paltz Dean’s List: Spring 2021

SUNY New Paltz Dean’s List: Spring 2021


NEW PALTZ, NY (06/16/2021)– SUNY New Paltz announces its Dean’s List for the spring 2021 semester, a recognition for students who excel academically and earn at least a 3.3 grade-point average in a semester with a full-time course load.

Congratulations to the following spring 2021 Dean’s List honorees:

Danielle Angyal of Stormville, NY

Brian Beanland of Stormville, NY

Hannah Benham of Stanfordville, NY

Robert Berish of Stormville, NY

Morgan Blatz of Pleasant Valley, NY

Cheyenne Bonk of Clinton Corners, NY

Tiffany Bonk of Clinton Cors, NY

Emma Borsavage of Holmes, NY

Justin Boswell of Patterson, NY

Savannah Brokaw of Pleasant Vly, NY

Logan Bross of Wingdale, NY

Jacob Buessem of Pleasant Vly, NY

Allyson Burgarella of Holmes, NY

Patricia Burgarella of Holmes, NY

Chelsea Bush of Pleasant Vly, NY

Taylor Chadwell of Millbrook, NY

Daphne Ciallela of Stormville, NY

Suzanne Condon of Poughquag, NY

Tristen Coughlin of Pine Plains, NY

Emily Cox of Poughquag, NY

Allana Dickeson of Poughquag, NY

Nichole Durso of Stormville, NY

Christian Evanko of Poughquag, NY

Benjamin Findeis of Verbank, NY

Damian Flash of Patterson, NY

Alexandra Francis of Stormville, NY

Maxwell Fucheck of Stormville, NY

Erica Gartelmann of Clinton Corners, NY

James Gordineer of Pleasant Vly, NY

Ashley Gross of Pleasant Vly, NY

Harlie Hague of Pine Plains, NY

Brandon Harnaga of Patterson, NY

Kenneth Hauser of Patterson, NY

Theresa Healey of Stormville, NY

Carina Jimenez of Salt Point, NY

Emma Keegan of Stormville, NY

Patrick Kern of Pawling, NY

Aiden Kiernan of Stanfordville, NY

Sarah Kittle of Pleasant Valley, NY

Alicia Leone of Poughquag, NY

Christopher Llanes of Poughquag, NY

Imogen Lopez of Poughquag, NY

Alexandra Makar of Holmes, NY

Pamela Merchan of Pawling, NY

Hailey Meyer of Poughquag, NY

Martina Meyer of Pleasant Vly, NY

Mya Millan of Patterson, NY

Michaela Monahan of Millbrook, NY

Brianna Morano of Clinton Corners, NY

Talia Munoz of Millbrook, NY

Emma Noyes of Poughquag, NY

James Purr of Patterson, NY

Hugo Ramirez Grijalba of Patterson, NY

Luke Rhoades of Patterson, NY

Jason Roy of Patterson, NY

Malene Rubin of Pleasant Valley, NY

Skyler Rubin of Pleasant Valley, NY

Kayla Ruesseler of Salt Point, NY

Leah Schmid of Stanfordville, NY

Mikayla Sciortino of Wingdale, NY

Jordan Scocozza of Poughquag, NY

Nick Scott of Pleasant Vly, NY

Erin Strange of Pawling, NY

Basil Taha of Poughquag, NY

Aaron Traver of Pleasant Valley, NY

Zachary Traver of Pleasant Valley, NY

Audrey Treanor of Poughquag, NY

Joseph Trotti of Holmes, NY

Tara Tumbarello of Pleasant Valley, NY

Luis Vazquez-Vega of Millbrook, NY

Cassidy Watt of Stanfordville, NY

Sophie Weller of Millbrook, NY

Gavin Winkler of Patterson, NY

Peter Zadrima of Pleasant Vly, NY

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