Drawing by Wick Green~1988


Once again, we are inviting you to participate in this year’s Earth Day clean up. This is an opportunity to meet our new neighbors, get some exercise and continue to improve the beauty of our wonderful road.

This road clean up time also has been an opportunity to bring up issues for informal discussions and for sharing ideas regarding our road. A special invitation goes out to our new residents!

To all the “Early Birds” who have already started the clean up this spring, a big thank you! If you cannot join us on Saturday, April 20, feel free to start cleaning at your own convenience prior to that day; we will pick up your collection bags from the sides of the road on Saturday. Remember to separate metal cans, glass and plastics in one container or bag and everything else in another.

If you can join us, we will meet at the south end of Hurd’s Corner Road, where it intersects with North Quaker Hill. Please park by the Hurd’s Corner Rock Monument at 9:00 A.M., to organize the cleanup areas and to chat with your neighbors for 20 minutes. Please bring your own bags and gloves and other garbage picker upper devices. Please park along the road being mindful to avoiding parking on a curve or in a driveway. Wear bright colors for road safety. Walk facing the traffic.

As in the past, our clean up includes the Critical Environmental Area of Hurd’s Corner Road and North Quaker Hill Road from the Dewey Lane Gorge down to Route 22. Oblong Land Conservancy usually cleans the Route 22 Greenway.

We will have some donuts and orange juice and good conversation to share. RSVP by Wed., April 17. If you are coming and would like to bring any treats, let me know.

If you have any questions or suggestions email me at mahobay7@ gmail.com or call (845 855-9155). I hope to see you all on Saturday, April 20, in celebration of Earth Day and the beauty of our road and community (that’s you)!

Mark Chipkin
Bob Reilly

President Vice-President