Statement from Darrah Cloud on Pine Plains nomination

Statement from Darrah Cloud on Pine Plains nomination


Thank you so much for this nomination. I am thrilled to be running for Town Supervisor of Pine Plains. I hope that this campaign can be a love letter to this town, a place I want to preserve as it is, and encourage to grow in sustainable ways.

As one of the people who brought the Business Association back to life here, I am thrilled every time a new business opens and I want to promote each one, get our citizens to take pride in their role as buyers of local goods, and invite more businesses to come. We need new families to move in and keep the doors of our schools open, but we also need to keep our elders safe in their homes and productive in the community.

We are unique in so many ways and so many exciting things are happening here right now, the return of young people to farming, the preservation of the land all around us, the renovation of our downtown with a keen eye out for its historical buildings, and the transformation of Memorial Hall into a concert venue can be just the beginning. All of these things enhance an already wonderful
place that needs to be assured of its survival.

If our Democratic team are all elected, we will be able to keep progressing here while keeping in mind what is best about this place, and paying homage to the legacy of all the people who made this town what it is, and have kept the flame burning.

Darrah Cloud


Author: Harlem Valley News