‘Winter Frolic’ – ‘Snowy Days’

‘Winter Frolic’

When I was sound asleep, it snowed 6 feet deep

I bolted out of bed, to sled with my friends

They grabbed their sleds, so we ran speedily, off to play

We rushed down hills and glided off ramps we made

We tried to do daring stunts, but we kept plunging to the ground

We started to play a new game, a rowdy snowball fight

We battled, I ended up winning and we played again, but sadly I lost that round and that’s OK

We got really sleepy and wanted to go home so we dashed off

Once home, we all said our good-byes and rushed inside

I drank some hot chocolate and my mom came and said, “Time to go to bed”

But before I fell asleep my school called and stated, “No school!”

I was really joyful that I could play again tomorrow with all of my friends!

River Haywood, grade five, Pawling Central Middle School

‘Snowy Days’

Small, white, glistening crystals sparkling in the sky as they fall

Noses are freezing so we all get inside to get heated by the crackling and popping fire

On a hill with shining white snow, cheerful children chat as they speed down the hill with their sleds

White gleaming powdery snow melts and snowman’s carrot noses fall as they frown

Drifting winds to the west, snow lasts for a little longer, dissolving slowly

Young excited children play the day away with wide grins on their faces

The snow is thawing and all the children play

Winter is fading, the days are sunny and joyful, the winter wizard has cast his spell and all the flowers are asleep till they blossom and rise

Children will be sad that winter’s over and they miss the snowstorms that cancel school, but they are happy they get to frolic and play outside more

Nicholas Gjokaj, grade five, Pawling Central Middle School

Author: Harlem Valley News