Adopt a Child from Foster Care in New York State

Children of all ages are waiting to be adopted from foster care. The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) welcomes responsible, caring adults who are ready to share their time, their hearts, and their lives with our waiting children. The primary focus of OCFS is the adoption of children from foster care, but there are other adoption processes such as adopting a child who is not in foster care or adopting internationally. For information on adoption from foster care and other adoption paths, contact New York State Adoption Service at 1-800-345-KIDS(5437), which is the office at OCFS that oversees adoption services statewide.

Adoption is a process that creates a binding, legal relationship between parent and child. It is strongly recommended you consult with an adoption attorney while navigating any formal legal process, including adoption.

Author: Harlem Valley News