Dutchess County Office for the Aging’s AGING NEWS For the week of June 10th

Dutchess County Office for the Aging’s
For the week of June 10th

Note: the Office for the Aging and all OFA Friendship Centers are closed on Wednesday, June 19th in observance of the national Juneteenth holiday. Clients of OFA’s Home Delivered Meals program receive meals in advance of the holiday.
Golden Living . . . News for Older Adults, Their Families and Caregivers
Todd N. Tancredi, Director
Dutchess County Office for the Aging

We’ve been spreading the word about the sustained growth of OFA’s “Friendly Calls” program since the program’s inception just over a year ago. Now we can report the results of our ongoing surveys of “Friendly Calls” participants and volunteers:
As for participants, those who received calls from OFA volunteers: 76% of the participants surveyed by OFA say the program has lowered their sense of isolation and loneliness. 88% feel they connected with their volunteer caller, and 76% said they’d like to continue their weekly calls with their volunteer caller. 84% said the program gave them something to look forward to; and 80% said they’d found a new friend in their volunteer.
Volunteers likewise have found “Friendly Calls” encouraging, with 80% saying they feel they benefitted from the calls. 69% feel they connected with their participant – and, perhaps most importantly, 85% of our “Friendly Calls” pairings have continued as friendships after the official conclusion of an eight-week session of weekly calls.
If you’ve been on the fence about joining “Friendly Calls” as a participant or volunteer, we hope these positive results sway you to get on board with us. If you’re a recent retiree, for example, and just beginning to explore volunteering, “Friendly Calls” is a way to get your feet wet without overcommitting. Calls take 20-30 minutes, and volunteers can make calls from anywhere there’s a good phone signal, whether that’s a home kitchen or a vacation spot thousands of miles away.

Many longtime older residents of Dutchess County were born and raised in other countries, who became U.S. citizens. More recently arrived older immigrants are joining their grown American children and are helping raise grandchildren. They learned English over the years while staying fluent in their first languages, which has turned out to be a valuable resource for both participants and volunteers in the “Friendly Calls” program.
We’ve been able to make “Friendly Calls” connections between participants and volunteers in a growing list of languages: Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, and several Chinese dialects including Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujianese and Shanghainese. According to New York State Office for the Aging data, other commonly spoken languages in Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley include Bengali, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Yiddish.
If you’re fluent in a language in addition to English but have found it hard to find another local person to talk with in that language, “Friendly Calls” may be just the connection you’re looking for.

“Friendly Calls” is the OFA volunteering program that’s made for busy schedules. Participants and volunteers alike have found it most rewarding, and we’d love to have you join us. Start by scheduling your space at a “Friendly Calls” orientation. These usually take place at OFA unless otherwise indicated below. Orientations typically last 40-60 minutes. Pick one from the list below, and contact OFA at 845-486-2555 or email Friendly Calls program manager Linda Edgar at ledgar@dutchessny.gov to set up your orientation:
Monday, June 10th, 3 pm
Thursday, June 20th, 10 am
Monday, June 24th, 3 pm
We add orientation dates continually. Check dutchessny.gov/calendar for the latest list, and see dutchessny.gov/friendlycalls for details on the program.
For other OFA volunteering options, visit dutchessny.gov/ofavolunteer.

Golden Living is prepared by the Dutchess County Office for the Aging, 114 Delafield St., Poughkeepsie, New York 12601, telephone 845-486-2555, email: ofa@dutchessny.gov website: www.dutchessny.gov/aging

After the first two OFA Summer Picnics in Wingdale and Fishkill, some common questions have been coming up:
When’s the prom? The OFA Senior Prom is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 21st. The theme for this year’s prom is “Hooray for Hollywood.” What’s that mean? If you’d like to dress up, pick a movie or movie star as your theme, whether you show up as part of a group or on your own. Dressing up isn’t mandatory; it’s just for fun. We haven’t opened reservtions yet. Reservations are expected to open later this summer, usually around the end of August.
When’s the Golden Gathering? It’s scheduled for Saturday, September 21st at Arlington High School, 1157 NY 55 in LaGrange. No sign-up needed. It’s open to all older adults and caregivers who live in Dutchess County and/or the 39th New York State Senate district.
Got another “Sinatra” show coming? We’re working on it. Details coming soon!
Any more pickleball classes? Yes. OFA and Dutchess County Parks are figuring on another set of introductory classes for late summer and/or early fall.

Kim Maercklein with the New York State Division of Consumer Protection returns for a second presentation at the Millerton OFA Friendship Center (28 Century Blvd., the Library Annex) on Tuesday, June 18th, for a discussion of how older adults can protect themselves from identity theft.
Identity theft prevention and scam prevention share many features, although identity thieves’ chief purpose is to use your personal information to open and abuse new accounts or services in your name—or possibly to impersonate you in other ways.
For more information, call the friendship center at 518-789-3081.

Other news:
A new University of Michigan poll indicates many Americans are unaware of the aging support programs that could provide them with greatly-needed help in remaining independent.

This week’s birthdays:
6/7: Director/producer/screenwriter James Ivory (96)
6/8: Singer/actress Nancy Sinatra (84)
6/9: Actor/author/activist Michael J. Fox (63)
6/10: Singer Shirley Alston Reeves (The Shirelles) (83)
6/11: NFL Hall-of-Famer Joe Montana (68)
6/12: Broadcasting Hall-of-Famer Marv Albert (83)
6/13: Actor Stellan Skarsgård (73)

And it’s a Bad Joke!
(This one we noticed on a sign outside a business in Wappingers)
What do you call a moose with no name?
(The rest of these Bad Jokes are our fault.)
What do you call an older female moose who speaks Italian?
A Nonna moose.
(Did you find that a-moose-ing? Here’s another one)
Why did the moose start a band?
He wanted to hang out with moose-icians

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