Dutchess County Office for the Aging’s AGING NEWS For the week of November 14th

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Dutchess County Office for the Aging’s


For the week of November 14th

Holiday Advisory:

The Office for the Aging and all OFA Friendship Centers are closed on Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving).

OFA Friendship Centers are also closed on Friday, November 25th, but the OFA central office will be open on the 25th.

Clients of OFA’s Home Delivered Meals program will receive meals in advance of each day that friendship centers are closed.


In last week’s column we began to touch on some of the simple things you can do around the interior of your home to lower your risk of falls. Having gotten the hang of basic decluttering in last week’s issue, let’s move on to specific room-by-room issues, as suggested by the National Institute on Aging. First, your floors, stairs, and hallways:

  • Ensure there are handrails on both sides of any stairs, and make sure they are secure. Hold the handrails when you use stairs, even when you are carrying something. Don’t let anything you’re carrying block your view of the steps. Get help if you need it
  • Ensure there is good lighting with light switches at the top and bottom of stairs and on each end of a long hall. Consider using motion-activated lights that plug into electrical outlets and automatically turn on when you walk by them to help illuminate stairwells and pathways.
  • Keep areas where you walk tidy. Don’t leave books, papers, clothes, or shoes on the floor or stairs.
  • Check that all carpets are fixed firmly to the floor, so they won’t slip. Put no-slip strips, which you can buy at any hardware store, on tile and wooden floors. Don’t use throw rugs or small area rugs.
  • Don’t walk on slippery, newly washed floors.

Next, the bathroom:

  • Mount grab bars near toilets and on both the inside and outside of your tub and shower.
  • Place nonskid mats, strips, or carpet on all surfaces that may get wet.
  • Remember to leave a light on in the bathroom at night or use a night light that turns on automatically in the dark.

In your bedroom:

  • Put night lights and light switches close to your bed when possible.
  • Keep a flashlight by your bed in case the power goes out and you need to get up.
  • Place a landline or well-charged phone near your bed.

In the kitchen:

  • Keep frequently used pots, pans, and kitchen utensils in a place where they are easy to reach.
  • Clean up spills immediately, especially if oily or greasy.
  • Prepare food while seated, when possible, to prevent fatigue or loss of balance.

And when you venture outside your home:

  • If you have steps leading to your front door, make sure they are not broken or uneven.
  • Add non‐slip material to outdoor stairways.
  • Keep the lawn, deck, or porch areas clear of debris, such as fallen branches.
  • Consider installing a grab bar near the front door to provide balance while you are locking or unlocking the door.
  • Turn on your porch light if you plan on leaving home before dawn, or returning home after dark.
  • In the winter, treat outdoor walkways with an ice melt product or sand to make them less slippery. Have some on hand before a snowstorm appears in your weather forecast.


Golden Living is prepared by the Dutchess County Office for the Aging, 114 Delafield St., Poughkeepsie, New York 12601, telephone 845-486-2555, email: ofa@dutchessny.gov website: www.dutchessny.gov/aging


Many of us have family traditions of volunteering on Thanksgiving Day; however, it’s also a national holiday and the Office for the Aging and Dutchess County offices are closed on Thanksgiving.

If you can volunteer before or after Thanksgiving weekend, especially in our Nutrition division, please contact OFA Outreach Coordinator Brian Jones at bjones@dutchessny.gov.

For volunteering on Thanksgiving Day itself, consult your local house of worship. In the City of Poughkeepsie, packaging and delivering of Thanksgiving Day meals will be taking place at the Family Partnership Center (29 North Hamilton St.) from approximately 9am to 1pm. For more information, contact Paula at 845-546-9271.


The 2023 Executive Budget was accompanied this past week by a budget address from County Executive Marcus Molinaro. You can find out more about the ’23 budget at this link. The complete budget proposal is a lengthy document, which you can read here to get more detail. The section of the executive budget concerning OFA services and plans for 2023 and beyond is on pages 38-39.

Two in-person public forums have been scheduled at which the budget will be discussed:

Tuesday, November 15th, 6 pm
In-Person Town Hall
Pine Plains Town Hall
3284 State Route 199, Pine Plains

Tuesday, November 29th, 6 pm
In-Person Town Hall

East Fishkill Town Hall
330 State Route 376, Hopewell Junction


The Dutchess County Division of Solid Waste Management invites you to donate eyeglasses in usable condition at several County offices buildings listed below. Donated glasses will be given to the Lagrange Lions Club, as a donation to its international campaign, Recycle for Sight, which benefits those in need. This collection event, which runs through November 21st, complements the County Clerk’s ongoing collection of eyeglasses at the Department of Motor Vehicles offices in Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Millbrook, and Wappinger.

You’ll find a collection box at the following locations, and we thank you in advance for your any donation(s) you can make.

Dutchess County Office Building              

22 Market St

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Dutchess County Planning Dept.              

85 Civic Center Plaza #107         

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601                                                                         


Dutchess County Division of Solid Waste Management

96 Sand Dock Rd.

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Office for the Aging

114 Delafield St

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Eastern Dutchess Government Center

131 County House Rd.

Millbrook, NY 12545

Beacon Center

223 Main St.   

Beacon, NY 12508

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This week’s birthdays:

11/13: Actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg (67)

11/14: US astronaut Fred Haise (Apollo 13) (89)

11/15: Singer/songwriter/actress Petula Clark (90)

11/16: NASCAR driver Terry Labonte (66)

11/17: Singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot (84)

11/18: Guitarist/songwriter Kirk Hammett (Metallica) (60)

11/19: Talk show host/actor Dick Cavett (86)

And a Bad Joke!

Q: What did the turkey say to the hunter?

A: Quack-quack.

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