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Executive Director

Classification: Full time Exempt, Salaried

Reports to: Chair, PRC Board of Directors

The Executive Director (ED) of the Pawling Resource Center (PRC) is the chief executive of this charitable organization that has served the community continuously for 45 years.

We seek a candidate who:

-Takes satisfaction in making a direct impact in other’s lives.

-Enjoys working with like minded colleagues and volunteers.

-Enjoys working with senior citizens as well as families who don’t currently have the means to feed their children.

-Appreciates a work environment that varies day to day.

-Is a person who can work “hands on”, while also handling administrative aspects of the position.

Within a framework of delegated authority and consistent with organizational policies and procedures, ensures a quality program of services, sound fiscal operation and good management of all internal and external affairs, thereby providing a point of accountability for all activities. The ED directs and manages all programs and operations of the PRC working with the PRC’s Board of Directors.

Principal Duties

The ED has a primary accountability of fulfilling the mission of the PRC which is “To enhance the lives of area residents by giving assistance to individuals in need and to local nonprofit organizations by providing information, referrals, and tangible services.”


The ED directly supervises and assigns work to the PRC staff of 2 employees. Responsible for hiring, supervising and doing an annual review of the Program Coordinator.

Recruits, assigns and coordinates the efforts of dozens of volunteers who are key to the fulfillment of PRC’s program activities. Fosters productive relationships with existing volunteer team and develops connections for new volunteers.

The ED manages all day-to-day operations of the PRC and has regular direct contact with 1)clients who utilize PRC services, 2)community leaders, 3)food, grocery and medical equipment providers, 4)government officials, 5)social services personnel, 6) funders/donors, and 7)other executives of not for profit organizations in the region.

The ED oversees all fundraising activities and community outreach efforts of the PRC. Plans, organizes and executes various events and gatherings designed to fulfill the mission and financial goals of the organization. Develops and implements a marketing and fundraising plan for each year. Compiles and submits data for new and existing financial grants.

Oversees the financial administration and reporting activities of the PRC. Manages the recording keeping and reporting of program and operations statistics. Coordinates various duties performed by the Treasurer, bookkeeper and support staff. Reviews, prepares and presents quarterly financial and activities reports to the Board, and works closely with the Treasurer and Finance Committee of the Board preparing the annual budget and regulatory submissions.

Candidate Qualifications

Active experience with a not for profit/charitable organization, either as a staff member or as a volunteer leader.

Capable of planning, leading and fulfilling the missional activities of and fostering the supportive culture of a charitable organization with compassion, understanding, tolerance and positive energy.

Knowledgeable about the Dutchess County, NY area, its communities, leaders and demographics. Skill in building and fostering positive relationships with individual clients, suppliers, community groups and other organizations.

Excellent communication, organizational and relationship skills.

Skill in the use of the Internet, small office computers, basic office software tools, and familiar with the use and functions of social media and websites.

Experience and willingness to be a “hands-on” manager.

Basic Spanish language facility desirable.

Possess a valid driver’s license and have the physical ability to lift up to 25 pounds.

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Author: Harlem Valley News