Letter to the Editor: Millbrook

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Letter to the Editor


OK, so I’ve got limited space here and a lot to say about elections in my hometown of Washington and the county-wide races so here goes. Town of Washington Board & Supervisor: Gary Ciferri for Supervisor and Doug Giles for Town Board. A vote for Doug Giles is a vote for a farmer, a great father to two boys and just an all-round really sound & intelligent individual. Please note that a peculiar oddity to town board elections is that voting for a candidate on the same line as your favorite could block that favorite from being elected because of how votes get counted. Deirdre Houston for 25th County Legislative District is a clear choice. She knows the county and attends all municipal meeting therein supporting our elected officials. Deirdre does a job that our late Legislator Margaret Fettes would be proud of.

Now to the real reason I’m even writing this letter: Robin Lois must be returned as County Comptroller. I was a vocal supporter of Ola Hawatmeh when she ran in the Republican Congressional Primary two years ago. This time around Ola, a renowned fashion designer and small businesswoman, has absolutely no qualifications that would equip her for office. She is completely unqualified. I spoke with both candidates personally and the clear choice is to keep Robin Lois in office. To draw a parallel, sending Ms. Hawatmeh to run the County Comptroller’s Office would be the equivalent of sending your grandfather’s home health aide to be County Medical Examiner. The skill sets required based on my reading of the job description posted by the County Human Resources are very specific. Being a small business owner, a community volunteer and “supporting the cops” doesn’t equip you the same way as pursuing undergraduate & graduate degrees & a professional designation(CPA) in finance, accounting & auditing does. Shame on the Dutchess County Republican leadership for not finding a stronger better technically skilled candidate; Robin Lois has been an accountant her whole professional life. Would you go to your dog’s veterinarian for your serious medical problem. I think not.
Vote smart Dutchess voters !

Alec Pandaleon

Town of Washington

Author: Harlem Valley News