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Pawling Recreation and the Pawling Library: Working Together for our Community

By Donald Partelow 
On March 9, 2020, the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood which starred Tom Hanks as the beloved Fred Rogers was shown at the Pawling Library’s afternoon Monday Matinee. This would be the last movie presentation due to the spread of Covid-19. Our Monday Matinee and all other in-person programming were cancelled. The library then began to restructure its recurring programs and special events to an online format, with the exception of its newly released DVD film screenings.
A year and a half later, through a partnership with Pawling Recreation, our Monday Matinee was restored. On September 27 the film 12 Mighty Orphans was scheduled to be seen at Pawling Recreation. Our library and Pawling Recreation reached out to those who had participated in the program over the years. “I didn’t realize how much I missed the movies until it was gone,” said one person. “I’m so glad you’re bringing this back for us.” The weekly movies had provided for many not simply a source of entertainment, but a place where long lasting friendships were formed.  
Nearly 30 delighted people attended the first Monday Matinee at Pawling Recreation seated within a spacious room with comfortable seating. The audience clapped their hands and cheered the movie’s return. It was quite a heartfelt moment. Most who attend this program are seniors, people we very much care about and were happy to see enjoy themselves.
We had a chance to speak to one senior following the program. “We all appreciate it. I absolutely love what you’ve done for us. I was thrilled with the response. I think it’s great when two organizations can work together.” Our library feels the same way.
We thank so very much Jessica Dickinson, Director of Pawling Recreation, and her outstanding staff for making this possible. And we thank all the people in and outside Pawling for attending our programs and special events. There is something for everyone at Pawling Recreation and the Pawling Library; two vital resources in our community.
In addition to our Monday Matinee, the Pawling Library is partnering with Pawling Recreation for an adult coloring group that meets every Wednesday from 1-2 pm. For information on this and all other programs please visit the Pawling Recreation and Pawling Library’s online calendars: pawlingrec.com & pawlinglibrary.org.
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