Murphy Promotes Key Environmental Bills in Honor of Earth Day

ALBANY, NY – Yesterday the New York State Senate celebrated Earth Day by passing several measures experts say echo the initiatives once championed in the halls of Albany by President Theodore Roosevelt. Senator Terrence P. Murphy, who as a local councilman had a long history of progressing environmental initiatives announced his support and sponsorship of key pieces of legislation.

“When it comes to the environment we must find ways to preserve the beauty of our state for future generations,” Murphy said. “New York has a long history of leading the nation when it comes to promoting and embracing environmental initiatives and I am proud to continue this legacy on Earth Day.”

Among the bills Murphy announced sponsorship of was S.485 which would require genetically engineered foods to be properly labeled. The Environmental Advocates of New York has endorsed this legislation citing a 2012 Washington University Study which found genetically engineered foods led to the rise of herbicide resistant plants which in turn led to the advanced use of toxic herbicides.

“As a nutritionist this is a common sense piece of legislation that I am proud to sponsor in the Senate,” Murphy explained. “Consumers should know what they are putting in their bodies and this bill will ensure shoppers will be able to make informed decisions when purchasing food for their families.”

Senator Murphy also announced the sponsorship of six other bills which passed the Senate today and will have a positive impact on New York’s environment:
S.1626 – permits commercial applicators of pesticides to apply pesticides in a dosage, concentration or frequency less than that specified on the labeling. Currently in New York this is not allowed and the measure will decrease the amount of pesticides being used in New York.

S.3064 – provides a definition of Integrated Pest Management to help encourage the reduction in the amount of pesticides used.

S. 2905 – promotes the use of geothermal energy systems as a natural renewable energy while fostering the creation of green jobs.

S.3082 – incentivizes the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to promptly pay businesses that are receiving NYSERDA grants to allow them to take full advantage of clean and renewable energy systems.

S.1804 – provides an exemption from state sales tax for energy star appliances and grants municipalities the option to provide such an exemption.
S.3025 – provides a lifetime sportsmen license for honorably discharged disabled veterans.

“I am proud to sponsor these important pieces of legislation in the Senate which were approved today in honor of Earth Day,” Murphy said. “It is an honor and privilege to represent the Hudson Valley which stands as one of the most iconic regions of our state. The responsibility is ours to preserve and nurture the natural beauty and resources that our state bestows and I look forward to building strong partnerships to see this happen.”

Author: Harlem Valley News