Courtney Jones of Stanfordville, Collaborates on Puma Fashion Project

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Courtney Jones Collaborates on Puma Fashion Project


ONEONTA, NY (04/07/2021)– Courtney Jones of Stanfordville, NY, is among 26 fashion industry students who are partaking in a semester-long, experiential learning project with sportswear leader PUMA. SUNY Oneonta alum Scott Saltzman, PUMA’s national sales manager, has shared a real brief the company is using for its Fall 2021 product release to jumpstart the student project.

The students have been immersed in a simulation of a real-life fashion industry scenario. They are brainstorming ideas in groups and are creating promotional plans to accompany the Fall 2021 product release. Each group will have the opportunity to work on different business units, different target customers and different stores.

“The normalization and ease of Microsoft Teams have made it possible for Scott to play a very active role in our course,” said Professor Sarah Portway. “I am delighted and honored to work with him on this. I think our students will benefit greatly.”

SUNY Oneonta’s Fashion and Textiles program focuses on the relationship of textiles and clothing to the physical, aesthetic, psychological, cultural, economic and social needs of people and their families. As fashion and textiles majors, students specialize in either fashion merchandising or fashion design. Fashion merchandising courses focus on marketing, merchandising, retailing, promotions, economic analysis and fashion journalism. Fashion design courses include apparel construction, apparel design, illustration, pattern making, Computer Assisted Design and wearable art.

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Author: Harlem Valley News