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Creating a Timeless Interior

By Donald Partelow
Interior designer Allison Miller of Allison Grace Design treated a fortunate gathering of people to an online interior design presentation for the Pawling Library that took place on Tuesday, March 16 from 7-8 pm.
Her program began with a quote by interior design pioneer Eleanor Stockstrom McMillen Brown, “To develop in taste, quality, and personality, one is obliged to respect the past, accept the present, and look with enthusiasm towards the future.”
Ms. Miller offered her advice and expertise in transforming spaces in the home, and also thoughtfully included ideas for home office spaces for those who have been working from home since the onset of the pandemic.
“People are very educated now about design,” said Allison Miller at the start of her program.  Then in detail she discussed what makes a timeless interior and also touched upon design trends that tend to come and go, and provided numerous examples of beautiful images throughout her presentation. 
She highlighted the importance of first starting off with a neutral base, paying close attention to scale and, if within a budget, using quality materials in combination with functional furnishings. She also suggested  incorporating new pieces with antiques, and reserve color for accent furnishings. “Let your lifestyle lead the way,” she said. 
Ms. Miller thoroughly demonstrated how to create a look that will have longevity, containing all the elements needed for a timeless interior. The program was a work of art from beginning to end that ended with complements. 
“I think what you’ve done is absolutely spectacular.” 
“Your work is beautiful.  I love your style.” 
“I just wanted to say, I love your work as well. It’s really beautiful. You’ve inspired me to switch around and mix different styles of furniture.”
The Pawling library is celebrating its 100 anniversary over the course of a year, beginning in May. Many events are scheduled.  Some events  and programs, such as a Great Gatsby themed gala, will help to provide funding for a new children’s wing. We are delighted that Allison Miller will be in charge of designing this new children’s space for our growing library. We thank Allison Miller for the beauty she has brought to us, and the beauty she has yet to bring. 
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