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Dutchess County Libraries Provide Crucial Covid Information

By Susan Stone

Signing up for the Covid-19 vaccination can be a deeply frustrating process. Brian Avery, Library Director at the Pawling Free Library, partnered with other Library Directors in Dutchess County to make a brief, highly informative video.  Easy to follow and chock full of pertinent information, the video will help folks sign up to receive their Covid Vaccination. “People are contacting us because they are having a hard time understanding where to start in order to sign up for vaccine distribution. Yesterday I helped put together a video that helps people understand how to register with the County for their Covid vaccine” said Mr. Avery. 
The video can be found on the Pawling Library’s web site (below), as well as library social media:
It can also be found  on Vimeo  (https://vimeo.com/522899276) .
“We hope this will help people jump over that initial hurdle of getting signed up,” concluded Avery.