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On May 14, ECO Kevin Wamsley received a call about a group of squirrels in distress in the hamlet of Verbank t in the town of Union Vale. The caller stated the squirrels appeared to have their tails tied together and could not move freely. ECO Wamsley responded to the location and discovered that the juvenile squirrel tails were stuck together with a mass of nest debris and a tar-like substance later determined to be pine pitch. The squirrels were struggling to free themselves from their siblings. ECO Wamsley captured the squirrels and began the meticulous task of freeing their tails. After some time and quite a bit of effort, ECO Wamsley was able to pull and cut away the nesting materials and free the squirrels one by one. All four squirrels were released on site.

ECO holding nest and squirrels four squirrels tangled up by their tails
ECO Wamsley frees tangled squirrels