Wooster School Senior Leadership Positions Announced

Wooster School Senior Leadership Positions Announced

Danbury, CT (April 16, 2015) – Senior leadership positions were announced today during a special assembly. The surprise gathering has been a Wooster tradition since its founding years. Summoned by the Chapel bells, students in grades 6-12 filled the Forever Young Gymnasium with excitement and anticipation as the junior class gathered in front of the crowd to await their senior year job assignments.

As a part of Wooster’s Self-help philosophy, students are given complete responsibility for the physical environment of the school. Each day at Wooster, students participate in a “jobs” period. Every senior is assigned a job area, where they are in charge of managing the younger students as they all work together to clean the campus and maintain order in their building or area.

Hannah Reed ‘06, Dean of Upper School, spoke briefly, explaining the tradition of this ceremony, pointing out to the younger students that Self-help has been a part of Wooster since its inception. “Self-help is a fundamental attitude members of the Wooster community take towards their community. It is an attitude of caring about, and caring for the physical plant. It is an attitude of caring about, and caring for other members of the community. It is an attitude of caring about Wooster.”

After Ms. Reed concluded her speech, Head of School Matt Byrnes announced the class of 2016’s leadership positions. Before that however, he spoke to directly to the students “Throughout your life you will be judged on the quality of your work. End results certainly matter – does the thing that you built work, is the floor clean, is the goal met – people certainly care about these things. The most important aspect of work, though, the thing that tells the rest of the world the most about you, is not what you accomplished, but how you accomplished it. What matters is how you do the work. That’s the story that matters. If you do the work the right way, no matter what the job, you will be rewarded in life.”

Though each rising senior is given an important leadership position within the community and Wooster’s Self-help system, the prefects take on the most responsibilities as leaders on campus. The prefects for 2015-2016 will be:

Senior Prefect – Anna Krzyzewski ’16 from Pawling, NY
Student Ambassador Prefect – Cole Munk ’16 from Carmel, NY
Environmental Advocate Prefect – Elizabeth Ashton ’16 from Redding, CT
East Campus Prefect – Aaron Young ’16 from Norwalk, CT
Central Campus Prefect – Jamie MacNutt ’16 from New Milford, CT
West Campus Prefect –Jeb Perera ’16 from New Fairfield, CT

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Wooster School is an independent, co-educational college preparatory day school, serving students from Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Located in Danbury, Connecticut, the School serves students from Pre-K through grade 12. A leader in classroom innovation and teaching, Wooster School is a place where thinking and learning are personal, meaningful, and visible; and where faculty work closely with students in small classes and cohorts to think and communicate critically and creatively. At Wooster, every student participates, every student contributes, and every student learns and develops the necessary skills to be a life-long learner and leader in college and life beyond.

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Author: Harlem Valley News