Coronavirus Information & Updates Dutchess County Prepares, You Can Too

Coronavirus Information & Updates
Dutchess County Prepares, You Can Too

Coronavirus/COVID-19 has been in the news lately, and it’s natural for people to have questions about it.

While there are currently no cases of COVID-19 in Dutchess County, it is always good to be prepared. Dutchess County Government has prepared for COVID-19, as we do for a variety of emergencies. You and your family can take steps to stay healthy as well.

We’ve developed a handy fact sheet, which you can download, to provide up-to-date provide you with information about the virus, how you and your family can prevent the spread of viruses, and some of the steps Dutchess County is taking to monitor this evolving health situation.

There are some simple steps we can all take to keep viruses, including COVID-19, from spreading. They include:

  • staying home from school or work when sick
  • covering your nose and mouth with a tissue or sleeve – not your hand
  • frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using a hand sanitizer
  • not touching your face, eyes, and nose
  • disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
  • avoiding contact with sick people
  • keeping at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others

We also have a webpage,, with the most current facts about Coronavirus, as well as a hotline (845-486-3555) to provide you information 24 hours a day.


Author: Harlem Valley News