Dutchess County SPCA Pet of the Week
Let’s Make Home Happen for Rosa!

Rosa is a survivor. Her owner dropped her off at a small shelter in NC that regularly euthanized dogs to clear space for more dogs. Rosa was about to be euthanized when another shelter swooped in and saved her. At the new shelter Rosa became very nervous and depressed and began to harm herself. The staff at the shelter worked very hard to help Rosa by fostering her, taking her for rides in the car and keeping her busy. It worked and Rosa became a sweet, happy dog.

For three years no one adopted Rosa. Families in that area of Appalachia want working dogs that hunt, herd and protect. Rosa is a couch potato; she likes to watch Netflix and nap. So, the Dutchess County SPCA brought Rosa to NY because they know there are plenty of families in the county who would happily spoil Rosa.

If you are interested in adopting Rosa, or any of our other available pets, visit the Dutchess County SPCA at 636 Violet Avenue in Hyde Park. Adoption hours are 12pm to 5pm, Tuesday through Sunday with extended hours on Thursday until 7pm.

You can see videos of currently available pets on the DCSPCA Facebook page at facebook.com/dcspca