Intensive Training Program Prepares Food Entrepreneurs to Engage Funding Sources

HUDSON, NY – SEPTEMBER 16, 2019– The application deadline for Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation’s (HVADC) third Farm and Food Funding Accelerator Program (FFFA) has been extended to September 23.  Due to a large number of inquiries, the deadline has been extended to allow for all interested entrepreneurs to submit applications and appropriate paperwork.
The FFFA is an intensive training and mentoring program designed to help farm and food enterprise owners to develop the necessary skills and materials to build their businesses and approach financial sources.  The curriculum includes expert instruction, one-on-one counseling and technical assistance, group interaction and industry networking events to help participants learn how to position their business models in anticipation of presenting to potential funders in spring 2020.
FFFA applicants must be a farm, food, fiber or agriculture-dependent business having their home office, farm or production facility in the Hudson Valley, and sourcing the majority of their product ingredients from the region, as well as the majority of their labor force. They must be able to make a commitment to the time and resources required of the training program and to commit the same to future FFFA participants as a peer or mentor.  There is no cost to participate in the program.
Training sessions will be conducted by HVADC, its industry partners, industry professionals, and institutional and retail stakeholders in the Hudson Valley food system. Peers from HVADC’s 2016 and 2019 FFFA classes will also participate as mentors and counselors. Funding for FFFA was made possible by the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Agency.
Applications for the FFFA program will be accepted until September 23.  There is a nominal application fee of $15, which is waived for Veterans. Additional details and application materials may be found at www.hvadc.org/farm-food-funding-accelerator. Questions regarding the FFBA program may be directed to 518-432-5360 or accelerator@hvadc.org.
About HVADC:
The HVADC is the region’s sole economic development agency with a specific focus on the viability of the agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley. It assists both new and existing agri-businesses such as farms, food businesses and food distributors, by providing technical and business consultation and resources. The non-profit promotes balanced, market-based solutions that lead to enhanced agricultural entrepreneurship, rural economic growth and community enhancement.  For more information, please visit: www.Hvadc.org. HVADC produces a monthly-newsletter The Cultivator featuring its initiatives, partnerships and the businesses of its clients. For more information, visit: www.Hvadc.org.