Kids Helping Kids for the Pawling Resource Center

By Susan Stone

At the Pawling Resource Center, neighbors helping neighbors by reaching out with a helping hand has been the mainstay of support for community members in need.  This kind of concern and caring has tricked down to Pawling youngsters, as two brothers and an entire girl scout troop have come to the aid of children in the community who needed help to begin the school year with new backpacks filled with everything they need to succeed.
Brothers Ryan and Ethan Murphy spent their free time this summer collecting cans and bottles, cashed them in, and bought twenty-four backpacks along with the supplies with which to fill them.  Ryan and Ethan then delivered them to the Pawling Resource Center for distribution to children who need them for a fresh start this September.

Cheryl Knowles, leader of Girl Scout Troop 10291 in Pawing, led her troop of ten rising sixth graders in Pawling Middle School, to the successful completion of the Bronze Award, which is the highest level award that a 5th Grade Junior Girl Scout can achieve. Each Girl Scout in Troop 10291 who worked on this project and earned their Bronze Award, completed a minimum of 20 hours of community service. 

Ms. Knowles, who is very proud of the efforts and achievement of her scouts, explained the process. “As a Troop, we raised money to purchase school supplies. Some of the girls in the troop went shopping at Staples, Walmart, and Target and purchased all the items that we needed to fill 70 backpacks.. We sat in the village of Pawling outside CVS and McKinney & Doyle every weekend for about 3 months and collected donations and supplies. We sent letters to the Chamber Members in Pawling and Pawling Rotary Members. Fliers were distributed throughout the Pawling Central School District, Sunshine School, Christ Church Nursery School, and Mizzentop School. We created twelve drop off boxes and placed them throughout the Town, Village, and Schools in Pawling collecting donations. A letter was printed in the Pawling Record, explaining the project. On July 31st, all 70 Backpacks were filled by the Girl Scouts in Troop 10291. On Friday, August 2nd, the backpacks were delivered to the Pawling Resource Center.”

Kudos to the children of Pawling, for discovering the joy in giving and helping others, and kudos to the adults in their lives for supporting such good works!