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SUNY New Paltz releases spring 2019 Dean’s List

NEW PALTZ, NY (06/20/2019)– SUNY New Paltz announces its Dean’s List for the spring 2019 semester, a recognition for students who excel academically and earn at least a 3.3 grade-point average in a semester with a full-time course load.

This year’s Dean’s List includes the following students:

Joseph Acuna of Pleasant Valley, NY

Danielle Angyal of Stormville, NY

John Baggetta of Holmes, NY

Cassie Bailey of Amenia, NY

Rachel Baione of Poughquag, NY

Taylor Ball of Wassaic, NY

Shannon Baxter of Poughquag, NY

Jamie Beanland of Stormville, NY

Hannah Benham of Stanfordville, NY

Morgan Blatz of Pleasant Valley, NY

Kayla Bowen of Pine Plains, NY

Jalen Buessem of Pleasant Valley, NY

Jessica Caeners of Amenia, NY

Meghan Cerven of Poughquag, NY

Sean Cerven of Poughquag, NY

Ryan Coffin of Amenia, NY

Terence Costigan of Pawling, NY

Emily Cox of Poughquag, NY

Miranda Crifo of Stormville, NY

Michele Cristo of Stormville, NY

Jillian Curcio of Poughquag, NY

Colleen Decker of Pleasant Valley, NY

Allana Dickeson of Poughquag, NY

Maura Donnelly of Pleasant Valley, NY

Jasmine Ennabe of Holmes, NY

Victoria Francis of Stormville, NY

Danielle Franklin of Poughquag, NY

Kristyn Gessner of Pleasant Valley, NY

Brandon Harnaga of Patterson, NY

Angela Hill of Pawling, NY

Claire Hoffner of Patterson, NY

Benjamin Holmes of Wingdale, NY

Stephen Hurley of Salt Point, NY

Christina Iamarino of Patterson, NY

Emma Keegan of Stormville, NY

Jasperiah Kelsey of Pawling, NY

Caroline Kiernan of Salt Point, NY

Peter Kiewra of Verbank, NY

Sarah Kittle of Pleasant Valley, NY

Shane Lindh of Stormville, NY

Matthew Maresca of Clinton Corners, NY

Michael Marma of Poughquag, NY

Charlotte Marriott of Clinton Corners, NY

Michaela Monahan of Millbrook, NY

Terence Moronta of Poughquag, NY

Talia Munoz of Millbrook, NY

Casey O’Neil of Dover Plains, NY

Ryan Richard of Clinton Corners, NY

Kendall Ronconi of Poughquag, NY

Skyler Rubin of Pleasant Valley, NY

Christine Ruggerone of Clinton Corners, NY

Ronald Scocozza of Poughquag, NY

Sylvie Sherlach of Pawling, NY

Sean Stegner of Clinton Corners, NY

Lauren Stra of Wingdale, NY

Emma Tighe of Patterson, NY

Ryan Walsh of Pawling, NY

Matthew Whitworth of Pawling, NY

Maeve Willis of Pawling, NY

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