Canines and their handlers graduate from the New York State Police Canine Handler Basic School

Keith M. Corlett
Beau Duffy
Director of Public Information 
The New York State Police held a graduation ceremony on June 20, 2019, for the 2019 Canine Handler Basic School. The ceremony was held at the New York State Police Academy in Albany.

A total of 11 canine teams graduated, including nine from the State Police, one from SUNY Morrisville and one from the Woodbury Police Department.

The canines and their handlers underwent 20 weeks of training at the New York State Police Canine Training Facility located in Cooperstown, New York. During the training, students and their partners received instruction in basic obedience, agility, handler protection, building searches, explosive or narcotic detection, tracking for fugitives and lost or missing persons, basic veterinary care and land navigation and grid searches.

The current strength of the State Police Canine Unit is 107 teams, including those who graduated today. During the first five months of 2019, the members of the Division Canine Unit responded to more than 4,100 calls for service.

Canines that are part of the Division Canine Unit are donated through the generosity of breeders, private individuals, and humane societies.  All canines are put through extensive testing and evaluation prior to assignment in the Canine Basic Handler’s School.  State Police canines are named after members who have died in the line of duty.

The following is a full list of the graduating handlers, their canines and namesakes, and assigned Troop:

Trooper Joshua J. Roth, Canine Buck, Investigator Thomas L. Buck, Troop A
Trooper Randall A. Shenefiel, Canine Arry, Sergeant Harry A. Adams, Troop A
Trooper Michael P. Flaherty, Canine Pryme, Trooper Thomas L. Pryme, Troop B
Trooper Christopher M. Roberts, Canine Kelley, Trooper John S. Kelley, Troop B
Trooper Connor G. Sutton, Canine Skiff, Trooper James A. Skiff, Troop B
Trooper Brian C. Cox, Canine Kerin, Trooper Martin Kerins, Troop L
Trooper Robert W. Galarza, Canine Fabio, Trooper Fabio Buttitta, Troop L
Trooper Frank T. Rose, Canine Cully , Investigator Bruce McCully, Troop NYC
Trooper Mark A. Castiglione Jr., Canine Amber, Trooper Robert W. Ambrose, Troop T
Police Officer Nicole M. Wright, Canine Bruin, SUNY Morrisville
Police Officer Christopher A. Correa, Canine Nika, Woodbury Police Department