COLEEN SNOW Launches 2019 Campaign for Pawling Town Board

The last Pawling election brought us much hope and optimism. We had a candidate, Coleen Snow, who was not only qualified but relatable. For far too long, the Pawling Town Board has not mirrored Pawling demographics. In the latest Bureau of Census statistics, Pawling is roughly 50/50 men and women, yet the composition of our Town Board is, and for many years has been, 100% men. And while Republicans only constitute 42% of Pawling registered voters, the Town Board is, and has been for some time, 100% Republican. In 2018, many Pawling voters were excited to support Coleen, not only because she was eminently qualified, but because she would provide our Town Board with fresh, new perspectives and positive, rational approaches to problem-solving.

Unfortunately, Coleen lost the 2018 election by a slim margin. As a testament to her positive energy and strength of character, we are thrilled to announce she is running again this year! Coleen took the high road in the last campaign and pledges to do the same in this year’s campaign. Coleen and we, The Friends of Coleen Snow, promise the Pawling community that we will run a positive campaign that is focused only on the important issues concerning Pawling. We are proud of Coleen and we hope the great citizens of Pawling can support her as well. We were so close last year – with your support, we will win in November!

Vote for Coleen Snow because she is qualified, dignified, and it is high time we get our Pawling Town Board diversified!

Joy Cerny

Campaign Manager

Friends of Coleen Snow

for Pawling Town Board 2019