Pawling Petition on Rezoning

Dear Pawling/Holmes Resident,

Would you please consider signing the Town-Wide Petition attached, that is similar to the one that 48 members from 26 families who are members of the Hurd’s Corner Civic Association have already signed? The intention of the petition that is attached,  is to protect the Appalachian Trail, The Great Swamp, Pawling Nature Reserve and drinking water aquifer located along the Route 22Greenway, north of the Village of Pawling, from commercial development. (See attached MAP)

  1. The easiest way to sign the petition is to click here  ONLINE  or click or type in this link    which will take you to the “Sign Petition” button in RED.
  2. The other alternative is to download the attached file named “1. Petitions and Contact Sheets” and fill in BOTH sheets and then mail them to me at Hurd’s Corner Civic Association, 60 Hurd’s Corner Road, Pawling, N.Y 12564
  3. THIS is the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO HELP! Would you find five people who live in Pawling or Holmesand ask them to sign the petition? If you can do this within a week, that would be great.  Then would you ask these people to also collect five signatures? Any posting of the link on social media would be awesome too?
  4. IMPORTANT – This is why we are Petitioning NOW-There are 3 or more people petitioning the Town Board to change part of the Greenway residential zone to commercial zoning NOW. In addition, if the newly formed Town/Village Economic Development Initiative acquires funding, they plan to review the Greenway for potential commercial development. We will need to have as many supporters as possible to let the Town Board know NOW that more than a few residents oppose any consideration to flip the residential zone in this Critical Environmental and Historical Area to a strip of commercial development.
  5. Need more information? I have attached two other documents: 2. Map,3. Reasons to Sign.

We support visit the site and click, “I want to learn more” for in depth information.

Anything else?  Email or call me. You may forward this letter to interested individuals or organizations. Thank you in advance!

Mark Chipkin

Hurd’s Corner Civic Association


Author: Harlem Valley News