Town of Pawling Town Board

Town Hall

160 Charles Colman Blvd

Pawling, NY 12564



Wednesday, February 13, 2019

7:00 PM

James Schmitt, Supervisor

William Johnson, Deputy Supervisor / Councilman

Phil DeRosa, Councilman

James McCarthy, Councilman

Reid McGrath, Councilman

Cathy Giordano, Town Clerk

Meeting Agenda

Roll Call of The Town Board

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Approval of Minutes
  • January 2, 2019
  • January 9, 2019
  • Julianna Perucci, Girl Scouts
  • Dan Stone, Chazen
  • Consent Agenda
  • Non-Consent Agenda
  • Discussion (Board Members Only)
  • SPCA Contract Renewal
  • Phil: Transfer Station Law
  • Privilege of the Floor with respect to Agenda and Non – Agenda items (3 minutes)
  • Adjournment

Consent Agenda

Resolution 2019044                                    Payment of Bills for the Town of Pawling


Whereas, The Town of Pawling Bookkeeper has reviewed and prepared the vouchers and has offered them for review, and

Whereas, the vouchers have been approved in accordance with the Town of Pawling policy, and

Whereas, the vouchers have been numbered 20190031 to 20190172, now therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Pawling Town Board hereby accepts the vouchers as prepared and on the recommendation of the Bookkeeper hereby authorizes payment of said vouchers for the Town of Pawling on this date in the amount of $507,264.25

Resolution 2019045                                                Billing for Pawling Water District #1


Whereas, Pawling Water District #1 bills need to be approved by the Pawling Town Board, and,

Whereas, the bills have been prepared and submitted in the amount of $2,242.40 for the period of 11/1/18 through 1/31/19 by the Water District Clerk, now therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Pawling Town Board hereby accepts the billing as recommendation for Pawling Water District #1.

Resolution 2019046                              Facility Use Requests – Waiver / Fees


Whereas, the Town of Pawling operates facilities that from time to time will be used by the public for events other than the Town’s own usage, and

Whereas, the Director of Recreation will periodically receive request to waive the fees, and

Whereas, the Town Board sets the fees for the use of facilities, now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the following fee waiver(s) have been authorized by the Town Board:


Girl Scouts                     HWLCA                   March 23, 2019

Jennifer Walsh                  Mother Daughter Evening 5pm to 9pm

Resolution 2019047                         Pawling Joint Sewer Commission Budget for 2019


Whereas, the Town of Pawling has received a request from the Pawling Joint Sewer Commission to approve the 2019 budget, and

Whereas, the Pawling Town Board has reviewed the budget attached to the resolution, now therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Pawling Town Board hereby approves the Pawling Joint Sewer Commission Budget as follows: Revenues in the amount of $916,291, Appropriations of $697,953 and Bonding Costs of $236,338 for a total budget of $916,291.

Resolution 2019048                           Approval of Waiver for Transfer Station Permit     


Whereas, the Town of Pawling has established new rules for the 2019 operation and use of the Pawling Transfer Station, and

Whereas, commercial vehicles are prohibited from obtaining permits to the Transfer Station without first seeking a waiver from the Town Board of the Town of Pawling, and

Whereas, recipients of a waiver are only permitted to dump household waste at the Transfer Station, therefore, be it,

Resolved, that the following individuals are hereby approved for a waiver to obtain a 2019 Transfer Station Permit by the Town Board of the Town of Pawling:


John Thomes             Al Pretto       Julia Brine

Resolution 2019049                                              Appointment – Constable


Whereas, the Town of Pawling operates a Uniformed Constable Department which presides over the Town of Pawling Justice Court and enforces Pawling Town Code within the borders of the Town, and

Whereas, the Chief Constable has formally requested that the Town Board fill vacancies within the Constable department with candidates that have or will need to be qualified and trained individuals, pursuant to NYS DCJS, as they apply to the Town, and,

Whereas, Brian Louis Sferra has applied for the position of part-time Constable, and,

Whereas, Chief Constable Kelly has conducted an interview with the applicant and will recommend that the Town hire Brian Louis Sferra, on a part-time basis, now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Town Board hereby appoints Brian Louis Sferra as Part Time Constable for the Town of Pawling.


Resolution 2019050                                              Appointment – Town Historian


Whereas, the position of Town Historian is an appointed position serving for a two-year term at the pleasure of the Town Board, and

Whereas, the current term of the Town Historian is effective to the date of the January 1, 2019, now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that Robert Reilly is hereby reappointed as the Town of Pawling Town Historian.


Resolution 2019051      Resolution Authorizing the Settlement of the

        Tax Certiorari Proceeding Regarding

        Atlantic Construction and Coating, LLC


Whereas, there is now pending in the Dutchess County Supreme Court a tax certiorari

proceeding commenced in 2018 by Atlantic Construction and Coating, LLC regarding

real property located at 51 Lakeview Drive, Grid # 6856-09-185561, seeking a

reduction in the 2018 tax assessment for the tax roll, and


Whereas, the Town Assessor and Special Counsel have recommended a settlement of this

tax review proceeding, now, therefore be it


Resolved, that the Town Board of the Town of Pawling hereby approves a settlement on

behalf of the Town of Pawling of the tax review proceeding for the year 2018, as it pertains


Grid# 6856-09-185561


Year Original Total Assessment Revised Total Assessment Reduction
2018 $210,800.00 $147,000.00 $63,800.00

and be it further


Resolved, that the Town Supervisor, Town Assessor, and Stenger, Roberts, Davis &

Diamond, LLP, Special Counsel to the Town of Pawling, are hereby authorized to take

all action necessary and appropriate to effectuation the terms of this Resolution.


Resolution 2019052                      Appointment – Planning Board


Whereas, the Town of Pawling Planning Board has an open seat that exists due to the resignation of Jay Erickson, and,

Whereas, extensive interviews were conducted with several interested candidates, and,

Whereas, the Pawling Town Board and the Chairman of the Planning Board hereby recommend Corinne Pitt for the position, therefore, be it

Resolved, that Corrinne Pitt is hereby appointed to complete the remainder of the existing term ending on December 31, 2019 and shall be compensated at the rate set within the adopted Town of Pawling budget for each given year.