County Executive Molinaro Supports NY ABLE Expansion

In 2017, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli launched the NY ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) program, which helps individuals with disabilities achieve a better life experience. The program offers savings and investment tools for people with disabilities, allowing them and their families to save for future medical and living costs without risking the loss of Social Security of Medicaid benefits. The money saved tax-free when used for such expenses such as education, transportation, housing, personal support services, or legal fees. Dutchess County is joining Comptroller DiNapoli in calling for a change to the NY ABLE program that will benefit even more New Yorkers.

Currently, the NY ABLE Program is open to disabled residents up to age 26, but Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro recently wrote to State Comptroller DiNapoli, who administers the NY ABLE program, and federal representatives, voicing his support for the ABLE Age Adjustment Act, a bill before Congress that would increase the age threshold for eligibility in such programs to 46. Under the bill, those whose disability manifests itself up to age 46, including veterans, would be able to take advantage of this important program.

In Dutchess County, we urge all to “ThinkDIFFERENTLY” about our friends and neighbors living with disabilities, and expanding the scope of the NY ABLE program to include those up to age 46 would not only benefit a broader number of residents, it would offer the same protection to countless veterans, brave men and women who have valiantly sacrificed for our nation and become disabled during their service.

We urge you to contact your local congressional representatives and ask them to “ThinkDIFFERENTLY” and support the ABLE Age Adjustment Act, which will benefit differently abled New Yorkers for years to come.