Faso Announces Rural Business Development Investment for Local Dairy Operations


Washington, DC – Congressman John Faso (R-Kinderhook) today announced a federal investment award for the Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship (CADE) in Oneonta, New York. The funding comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development to provide technical and business development assistance to local dairy farmers and producers.

The program is providing $99,990 in funding, which will be used to assist dairy farmers, creameries, and milk processors in developing a business structure, regional brand, and marketing strategy, as well as expanding the usage of the dairy processing facilities.

“On behalf of the Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship, we are delighted to be recipient of a USDA Rural Development Grant to support the Catskills dairy farmers, in partnership with SUNY Cobleskill’s new dairy processing plant, to develop a new, regional value added brand—such as a Catskills cream cheese or similar product—to increase profits of dairy farm enterprises, put our region on the map, open new market opportunities, and create local jobs. Many of our local dairy farms are struggling because of low milk prices that are below the cost of production. This support will be game changing in sustaining our dairy farms—which are the lifeblood of the upstate economy,” said Phoebe Shreiner, the Executive Director of CADE.

“This investment in our Upstate dairy operations is critical,” said Faso. “Dairy farms here in Upstate New York are the engine of our local economies and are an important source of local identity. Unfortunately, the dairy industry has been facing a steep decline. This funding for business development will create opportunities for the many dairy farms and producers in the region.”

Additional Background on the USDA’s Rural Business Development Grants is here: https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/fact-sheet/RD-FactSheet-RBS-RBDG.pdf