Commits to real action, not years of empty promises like her opponent.

Dutchess & Putnam Counties — Today, New York State Senate candidate Karen Smythe announced her plan to root out government corruption and protect taxpayers in New York State. Smythe highlighted that the New York State Senate Majority, including her incumbent opponent, has voted to block many ethics reforms while corruption has continued to run rampant.

Smythe’s ethics reform package includes:


  • Term limits for state legislators and statewide elected officials.

  • A  ban on state legislators taking outside income.

  • Lower New York State’s high campaign contribution limits.

  • Close the LLC loophole that allows dark money to fund campaigns.

  • End taxpayer reimbursements to politicians’ campaign accounts for criminal defense expenses.


Karen Smythe said, “Hudson Valley residents and all New Yorkers deserve a state government that they can trust. However, trust must be earned and the lack of action in Albany, despite the onslaught of corruption charges, is unacceptable. As State Senator, I’ll go to Albany ready to champion ethics reforms, and certainly won’t block them from coming to the floor for an honest debate.”

The current Senator from the 41st Senate District, Sue Serino, has repeatedly voted to block ethics reforms.  Most recently during this past legislative session on March 29th, 2018, Serino voted to block closing the LLC loophole from coming to the floor. The LLC loophole allows donors to unethically avoid campaign contribution limits by hiding behind anonymous LLCs.

“Politicians like to talk a big game about fighting corruption,” concluded Smythe. “However, taxpayers and hardworking New Yorkers deserve representation who will actually take action and earn their trust. It is past time to clean up Albany and I’m ready to get started.”

Author: Harlem Valley News