Kesten Campaign has Fundraising Momentum Going into Primary


Kesten Campaign has Fundraising Momentum Going into Primary


Vast majority of contributions came from small-dollar donations and from within SD40


September 6, 2018, PEEKSKILL, NY: On Tuesday, the Kesten campaign released their latest fundraising numbers, showcasing the campaign’s viability and strong grassroots support.  To date, the campaign has raised over $130,000.

Over the course of the 2018 election cycle, grassroots momentum has built for Kesten’s candidacy, with the majority of activist groups and democratic committees in the district united in their support of Kesten. For the most recent filing period, 84% of Kesten’s contributions came from within the district and 85% came from small-dollar donations. These numbers are significant as they represent individual voters, as opposed to large, out-of-district donors.

Kesten also reported nearly 4x the amount of cash on hand as his primary opponent, which has been the case consistently since his opponent’s late entry into the race. This fundraising pattern further demonstrates Kesten’s proven viability not only in the primary, but in the general election against Terrence Murphy.

“Our momentum going into the primary is strong,” said Kesten. “Not only have we raised the money necessary to win in the primary, but we have built a field operation that is second to none. This is how we win. By talking to voters and building coalitions around common issues. Our campaign will be ready on September 14th to take on Murphy and deliver better representation to the people of SD40.”

About Robert Kesten

Over the course of a decade, Robert has been a consultant for PDHRE, the organization behind the United Nations Decade on Human Rights Education. Previously, he ran the Center for Screen Time Awareness in Washington, DC, where he advocated for a FCC Task Force on the impact of screened media on children’s health.

He has been actively engaged in government at the local, national, and international levels. A Democratic District Leader in the Town of Lewisboro, he has worked with U.S. Senators Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, and Paul Simon as well as for NYS Senate Minority Leader Manfred Ohrenstein, where he was also active in the NYS Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

His international efforts include advising the U.S. government during the break-up of the Soviet Union. He was also engaged in encouraging democratic institutions during the Arab Spring in both Egypt and Tunisia and last year worked to assist Mountain View, California (home to Google) on becoming a Human Rights City.




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Author: Harlem Valley News