Letter to the Editor: Dover Wrestling Team

There is a wrestling coach who is trying his hardest to have a Dover Wrestling team.

This man is willing to put the time and effort into this goal and I think Its an AWESOME idea.

He has been excepting girls and boys of all ages but in my eyes, the school seems to keep stonewalling him. My son has started going to Pine Plains just to wrestle because as I see it a Dover high school coach doesn’t want his kids joining wrestling. This coach feels it would interfere or pull kids away from other teams, which it would not.

There was a meeting set up for Wednesday but once again The Dover coach was contacted about it and the meeting was canceled. My son had heard a couple of weeks ago about this meeting and wanted information. The Information was given to the school but never passed, out.

The individual who is promoting wrestling is a stand-up guy and trying to do the right thing for our kids. He is willing to come from Pine Plains and work with our Dover kids and keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

This all should merit giving him a chance and not stonewall all his efforts and work.
Jenny Vellozzi

Author: Harlem Valley News