Delgado Endorsed By Activist Andrea Mitchell 


Delgado Endorsed By Activist Andrea Mitchell of Powerful “Promise” Ad Featuring John Faso’s Broken Health Care Promise

John Faso promised Mitchell on video that he would not take away her health care, then voted to do just that.

The ad will be introduced to voters in the New York Media Market this week.

Kingston, NY – Today, the Delgado for Congress campaign announced the endorsement of health care activist Andrea Mitchell, who suffers from a brain tumor and spinal condition, and gained fame after Congressman John Faso promised her that he would protect her health care before turning his back on that promise to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He cast the deciding vote for the repeal in the House Budget Committee before also voting for it on the House floor.

Mitchell officially endorsed Delgado at a press conference with Citizen Action of New York, a leading progressive grassroots organizing group.

Mitchell’s exchange with John Faso was caught on video and garnered national attention after Faso broke his promise. Mitchell appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC and was featured in an ad with Delgado called “Promise.” The ad gained national prominence as a leading example of how Democrats will attack Washington Republicans on their health care vote in the 2018 mid-term elections. The ad will be introduced to voters in the New York Media Market this week.

Click here to watch Delgado’s ad with Andrea Mitchell, “Promise”

“Mr. Delgado speaks from the heart, whether it is discussing women’s rights, gun violence, injustice, or the dangerous or immoral actions of the current administration,” said Mitchell“Antonio is a man I greatly admire. He has real achievable goals to bring jobs back to our area and help build the infrastructure here in Upstate New York. I am proud to endorse him today.”

“I am grateful for Andrea’s endorsement,” said Delgado. “Since I first heard her story I have admired her courage to stand up and fearlessly advocate for families struggling to get by. She is right to take John Faso to task for his profound failure to tell the truth and protect his constituents from Washington Republicans’ assault on health care. I look forward to teaming up with her to work hard and show up all over this region to let people know that John Faso lied to her.”

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Author: Harlem Valley News