Letter: “Allow me to retort”, Town of Amenia Code Enforcement Officer

“Allow me to retort”, Town of Amenia Code Enforcement Officer

This letter is to clarify why “notices” (Not violation summons) went out to the property owners of Wassaic and Amenia during February, 2015. The Town of Amenia’s Supervisor and her son; Councilman Stephen Perotti and another Board member decided to vote on a service to remove the snow from all sidewalks in the Hamlet of Wassaic and the Town of Amenia. What they failed to recognize is that the service they voted on did not include the application of salt & sand (to prevent the sidewalks from being a slip hazard). The offering of this substandard service was giving the property owners a false sense of security and it did not relieve the property owner’s from the Town of Amenia’s code; Chapter 101-13. Snow and Ice Removal Required. (…owner, occupant, agent or person in charge shall also treat the sidewalks abutting such property with ashes, sand or other material in such manner as to reasonably enable a person to walk thereon with safety.

The Code Enforcement Department was fielding many complaints from pedestrians stating that; the sidewalks in the Hamlet of Wassaic were very hazardous and that they needed to be salted & sanded. This hazardous condition was forcing the pedestrians to bypass the sidewalks and travel in the streets, causing additional hazardous and potentially life threatening situations.
Lastly, the Code Enforcement Officer is appointed by the entire Town Board and that officer does not take orders from any individual elected official. Code Enforcement Officers are appointed to enforce local and State regulations, so to safeguard the public safety, health and general welfare of the community.

John J. Fenton
Town of Amenia
Code Enforcement Officer

Author: Harlem Valley News