AED Helps Save Life of Hurley Man

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AED Helps Save Life of Hurley Man

On 03/20/15, Ulster County 911 polled for an adult male who had fallen and was unconscious and unresponsive at a Hurley Ave. address in the Town of Hurley.

The patient’s wife called and stated that her 64 year old husband, had just taken the garbage out and upon walking back inside collapsed onto the kitchen floor. Responding emergency personnel from the Hurley Fire Dept, Lt Benjamin from the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office and Tpr. Christopher Kelder arrived on scene and initiated lifesaving measures. While CPR was administered, Tpr. Christopher Kelder retrieved an AED from his troop car. The AED was attached and two shocks were administered to the patient. A faint pulse returned and CPR was continued until the the patient was turned over to Mobil Life Support. Mobile life continued with CPR and transported the patient to the Kingston Health Alliance Hospital. His condition was stabilized and he was later transported to the cardiac unit at St. Peter’s Hospital.

Author: Harlem Valley News