Deputies from the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office report that on 3/17/2015 they responded to an address in the Town of Esopus for a reported overdose. Deputies were the first to arrive and found a subject unresponsive with shallow breathing.

Deputy Scott Buchinger quickly realized that this was a heroin overdose and administered Naloxone to the subject. The Naloxone began to take effect and the subject started to breath at a more normal rate. Paramedics from Mobile Life arrived and a second dose of Naloxone was given to the subject which resulted in the subject becoming conscious.

Deputy Buchingers quick response and training with Naloxone prevented the subject from becoming another statistic.

Over the last year all members of the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office as well as other local police agencies have been trained in the use of Naloxone. This would not of been possible if not for Doctor Raymond Harvey of the Institute for Family Health in Kingston for volunteering his time. Dr. Harvey attended the training classes and was able to receive and distribute the Naloxone kits to over 100 police officers in Ulster County.