Jimmy Pearson Endorsements

Jimmy Pearson will make a great County Legislator. He has already reached out to his constituents to understand their needs and concerns. Amongst these are strengthening emergency services, improving public transportation, and protecting the environment as an economic driver for the Hudson Valley. Jimmy will work energetically to represent us in  the County Legislature.
His experiences growing up here, serving in the US Navy, and running his own small business have given him the skills to advocate fiercely and effectively for our district. Vote Pearson for  Dutchess County Legislator!
Leo Blackman
Wassaic N.Y.

Our Community Deserves Jimmy Pearson

Eastern Dutchess has a stable economy and strong assets, but we must address our challenges to translate these strengths into continued prosperity.  This means collaborating with county government to thoughtfully mitigate resident concerns; and it means electing representatives who actively engage citizens and advocate for our priorities. In Dutchess County’s 25th District, including the Towns of Washington, Amenia and Pleasant Valley, this means electing Jimmy Pearson as County Legislator.

A former US Naval officer, Pearson’s work ethic and dedication to service are unparalleled amongst candidates and have served him well throughout his campaign.  Pearson has already demonstrated exceptional capacity: engaging residents through tireless conversation across his district, work that’s matched by an understanding of complicated subject matter and broad critical thinking skills.  And his military service, as well as work with public agencies such as SUNY, has shown his capacity to succeed in complex bodies like the county legislature.

Pearson champions active representation, pledging to be an assertive voice for our community.  He’s justified in noting that our district has neither strong county representation nor active public servants in the legislature.  Pearson’s critique underscores the need to legislate while promoting constituent service.  Thus, Pearson’s priorities – to strengthen emergency services with a reliable, cost-effective regional approach; to improve public transportation to connect residents to opportunity; to promote the environment for job creation and economic prosperity – are issues informed through relationship-building with residents, business owners, and community leaders.  His outreach is backed up with a commitment as a public servant, evidenced by his ongoing participation in town and county meetings.

To capitalize on our assets and address challenges – for our community to thrive – we must have active, engaged elected officials who can address concerns through effective public service.  Indeed, we deserve the best representation; in County Legislature, we deserve Jimmy Pearson.

Allan Co

To the Editor:

Jimmy Pearson is my choice for Duchess County Legislator for District 25.  I first met him about eight months ago when he was deciding whether to run.  I told him what I have always told candidates:  we want someone who will listen to us, be responsive to our needs, and come to local events.  He has certainly taken this advice to heart.
Jimmy biked to Amenia to participate in the Earth Day town-wide cleanup.   He spoke at several community meetings, stayed for an entire Town Board meeting, and met with town representatives about issues that came up.  He has attended fire company breakfasts, church suppers, and Community Day.  In door-to-door campaigning, I have witnessed him talking with people, really listening to their concerns.  He said, “I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I think this area needs to have a seat at the table when decisions are made, and I promise to represent you to the best of my ability.”  I believe him.
Jimmy Pearson served for five years as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy.  He has worked for a large company and started his own business.  He understands the needs of Eastern Duchess and will work tirelessly to help people in our area.
Jimmy Pearson will be the County Legislator this area needs.  Please vote for him on November 7.
Janet M. Reagon

Author: Harlem Valley News