Dutchess County Democrats cry foul on Linda Murray campaign finance disclosure


 Dutchess County Democrats cry foul on Linda Murray campaign finance disclosure


Candidate running for 9th district Supreme Court judge failed to disclose donations received and expenses incurred beginning in January 2017 until October filing

A member of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee filed an official complaint today, calling for enforcement agents at the state’s Board of Elections to investigate apparent improprieties in monetary filings by Republican Linda Murray, who is seeking to become a Supreme Court judge in the 9th judicial district which covers Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess counties.

“Linda Murray appears to have started collecting donations for her run in back in January of this year,” said Elisa Sumner, chair of the Dutchess Democratic committee.  “Worse, she didn’t reveal the bulk of them until a day before a required 32-day pre-general election filing in early October,” she continued.

All candidates’ committees are required to file what are termed “periodic filings” in January and July, even those which expect to raise and spend less than $1000.  An examination of Murray’s filings (Friends of Linda Murray, filer ID A21826) reveals that in its 2017 July Periodic reporting, Friends of Linda Murray failed to report more than $14,000 in contributions and more than $2,500 in expenses. This was not made public until October 6, the day before the next report was due.

On October 6, 2017, Friends of Linda Murray also disclosed for the first time that it had contributions and expenses prior to registering the committee on January 26, 2017.

“How can voters get an accurate picture of Murray’s campaign finances, particularly who is donating and where are they spending their money, if her campaign seems to not be following the rules that should apply to all?” said Michael Dupree, the County committee vice-chair.  “I find the latest financial disclosures by Friends of Linda Murray to be especially egregious since this candidate is seeking office to uphold the laws of the United States and the State of New York, but has seemingly selectively ignored them in her quest,” he concluded.

The Democrats have nominated Judge Christi Acker, a principal court attorney for a sitting Supreme Court justice who is also a town judge in northern Dutchess.  “Murray’s campaign material show her wearing black robes and the word ‘jurist’ attached,” continued Sumner.  “Though to me, this is a clear example of trying to confuse voters as who is the actual judge, that is just part of politics, though an unfortunate aspect.  But to deliberately withhold financial information for nine months makes me question – as fellow residents in Rhinebeck where she lives have – her temperament for such an important elective office.”


Author: Harlem Valley News