County Executive Molinaro Forwards Resolution to  Legislature for Purchase of Electric Vehicles



County Executive Molinaro Forwards Resolution to 
Legislature for Purchase of Electric Vehicles

Poughkeepsie…Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro has forwarded a resolution to the Dutchess County Legislature for the purchase of four Nissan Leaf Model S electric vehicles through Central Hudson Gas & Electric’s electric vehicle discount program. The program promotes clean transportation alternatives while enabling Central Hudson customers to purchase electric vehicles at a reduced rate. The resolution, submitted by the Dutchess County Department of Public Works, will provide for electric vehicles to be used by various County departments for short trips within the county in lieu of using gasoline-powered conventional vehicles.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro said, “The purchase of these vehicles goes hand in hand with our efforts to promote clean, renewable energy throughout Dutchess County. This resolution will help to reduce Dutchess County’s carbon footprint, while making a sensible financial and energy saving investment.”

Through the electric vehicle discount program, the County can purchase an electric vehicle for $22,005, representing a discount of almost 33% off the MSRP list price of $33,705. Each electric vehicle can travel for up to 100 miles on a full charge and costs approximately 50-70% less to operate per mile than a conventional vehicle, making the vehicles ideal for use by County employees for various purposes including Office for the Aging case management services and Department of Public Works project site visits.

Additionally, as part of the resolution, the County will purchase four dual-port Level 2 charging stations at a cost of $10,000 per station, which includes installation and a four-year network connection cost. The stations would be strategically located throughout Dutchess County to recharge County vehicles, but will also be available for public use. Public users would pay a third party vendor for use of the charging station through a smart phone app. The third party vendor would then pay the County 80% of the revenue collected through the mobile app.

“I am proud to sponsor this legislation which will result in savings for Dutchess County Government operations while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. County residents using electric vehicles will also benefit from the installation of new charging stations located throughout the County, including in the City of Beacon, making it more convenient to recharge their vehicle and get moving,” said Dutchess County Legislator Jerry Landisi.

The total cost to the County over five years for the purchase of the vehicles and charging stations is $128,020. The Legislature will consider the resolution at their September 11th board meeting.

Dutchess County Legislator Kari Rieser said, “With the increasing use of electric vehicles across the country, I am happy to support legislation that will directly enable Dutchess County to move forward with its initiative to promote sustainability and renewability. I look forward to voting in favor of this resolution which will help to positively reduce climate change and set an example for cleaner and greener transportation options.”

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Author: Harlem Valley News