Letter to The Editor: Jimmy Pearson for Dutchess County Legislature Endorsement


Dear Editor,


I’m writing to endorse Jimmy Pearson for Dutchess County Legislature for the  25th District.

I’ve known Jimmy for over 20 years and can vouch for his character, values, integrity, and intellect. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow into the exemplary and capable man that he is now. Jimmy has always been the kind of person that listens to others and their ideas, and then has the ability to take that information and create positive outcomes. As a young man from a wonderful family, Jimmy has the values and the understanding of what it means to respect and honor family and community.

Jimmy’s served the United States with honor as a Naval officer.  This demonstrates his courage and dedication to our country and his ability to work under challenging situations. This brings him now to why he wants to serve his local community.

Some of the things I know Jimmy to believe include support for environmental issues such as farmland preservation and the mission of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Dutchess County.  He understands and is concerned with the gaps in EMS services in Amenia.  Locally, he has spoken about concerns for your services such as fire, water and sewer.

I know that he will honor and respect all his constituents.  He has a special commitment to families, working people such as teachers, police officers, firefighters, and emergency providers.

It is my honor to recommend Jimmy Pearson for the 25th District.  I know he will serve with distinction.

Barbara Fisher

Author: Harlem Valley News