Take the Challenge to Help Fight Hunger

Take the Challenge to Help Fight Hunger

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. March 13, 2015- The Beverly Closs Food Pantry at Dutchess Outreach is experiencing a major food shortage due to a significant increase in demand. More than 800 people were served in January; more than 300 of them children. The pantry provides a three-day supply of food to low-income families, senior citizens, the unemployed and to those who are unable to work. Items needed the most include: canned meats (such as hash, stews, etc.), tuna, canned vegetables, fruits, soups, canned yams, potatoes, spaghetti, pasta, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, jelly, powdered milk, cereals and juices.

Not only are food donations crucial to the success of Dutchess Outreach, but monetary donations are also a huge help to the organization. Each donation goes directly toward helping to feed and provide for the less fortunate families and individuals in the community. Just twenty dollars will feed a hungry mother and child nutritious food to last them three days. A contribution of forty dollars will feed a needy family of four for a total of three days. Finally, a donation of seventy-five dollars buys 75 pounds of protein-rich food from the Regional Food Bank for the Lunch Box mid-day and evening meals, home delivered meals for people with HIV/AIDS, and after-school meals for children. Every little bit helps, and even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference in one person’s life.

Anyone interested in donating food or conducting your own food drive should contact Carol Beck at carolann@dutchessoutreach.org or visit www.dutchessoutreach.org for more information.

Dutchess Outreach has been serving clients since 1974, meeting temporary basic needs for individuals and families when no other resources are readily available to them. In addition to the Food Pantry, the Lunch Box, and the Children’s Clothes Closet, the staff at Dutchess Outreach provides assistance for people in need of emergency housing, rent, medicine, and other human services.

Author: Harlem Valley News